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Boudoir Photography and Feminism



Ladies! What the heck?!

We as women have fought for so long to stand up right along side men and in today’s day and age and now, if a women chooses to feel sexy she is automatically being objectified? When did this come into play? linda kahle studio (1 of 4)

Many feminists believe that boudoir photography is actually a very healthy way to express and embrace women’s sexuality and own up to it. According to those who believe that this is anti-feminist hold the view that this kind of photography objectifies a woman and presents her as an object of lust and desire for the amusement of men. However, let us for one minute say that the anti-feminist stance is right, but then think ladies, doesn’t it contradict the very basis of feminism? And what might that be you ask? That my dear ladies, is the FREEDOM TO MAKE A CHOICE!

linda kahle studio (4 of 4)Yup, it may come to a surprise to a lot of people but if you break down every argument by feminists it comes down to one thing; giving women the freedom to make their own choices. So if a woman chooses to model in lingerie, then how is it anti-feminist? Isn’t she merely using her own free will to make a choice for herself, which is what feminists have long fought for and are still striving for? linda kahle studio (2 of 4)

So if one really understands feminism, they would never say that Boudoir photography, pole dancing or even pornography is anti-feminist. Not when women are making their own choices to work and model in these industries. I cannot stress enough on the point of choice. When the element of choice is taken away from women from whatever it maybe it can thus become an ‘anti-feminist’ argument.

To all the gorgeous ladies out there, don’t ever be afraid to live boldly and be proud of who you are! Now go finish your bottle of wine and strut your stuff in front of the mirror while Katy Perry is telling you that “you’re a firework.” You’re a strong and modern women who should never be ashamed to embrace your sensuality. Oh and, come in for a boudoir session because you know, that’s what this post is supposed to be about 😉


Also, side note: have you heard about the Free the Nipple Campaign?




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